«Ambassadors  for  the  Peace  in the world»

The first Inter-Country Committee was established in 1950 between Germany and France, with only one aim: reconciliation between our two countries, torn by war.

Today, many conflicts are present in the world. Conflicts of economic, political, social, religious interests, and so on.

Rotarians with the Inter-Countries Committees are facilitators of reconciliation between different countries through the actions of the clubs to improve the everday life of people, by relying on the six strategic areas of focus of Rotary International:
  • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution,
  • Disease prevention and treatment,
  • Water and sanitation,
  • Maternal and child health,
  • Basic education and literacy,
  • Economic and community development.
In this year, for example, a «Rotary Day» conference was held at UNESCO, for its 70th anniversary, with the theme «Building Peace with Rotary and UNESCO: Inter-Country Committees’ Peace Initiatives». This meeting, under the chairmanship of Gary Huang, President of Rotary International, gathered more than 500 Rotarians, women and men from 46 different nations of all faiths and origins, working for this noble cause, so difficult to maintain.

If you are looking for an ideal of service, join to the Inter-Country Committees, vectors of peace and worldwide understanding.

 Gwénaël de BERGEVIN
Chair of the International Inter-Country Committees Executive Council
Rotary International Past Governor 2004-2005 of District 1650, Bretagne Mayenne, France,
President Founder of Rotary Club Fouesnant-Sud Cornouaille