«Ambassadors  for  the  Peace  in  the  world»

  • The Inter-Country Committees provide a network, which unifies Rotarians of many countries, in spite of the diversity of our backgrounds.
  • The ICC is a vehicle which brings rotarians together, in a common issues.
  • Country based activity for bilateral humanitarian and peace efforts, using programs and initiatives fitting into the RI Strategic Plan, the ICCs increase fellowship and intercultural understanding among the people of various nations.
  • Focus and coordinate the efforts between two specific countries, working as a Team building activities, in a long term commitment, the ICCs help in creating a climate for peace.
  • Rotarians, spouses, Rotaractors (New Generation) can participate in the ICCs activities, giving local expertise in each of the two countries, and serving as ambassadors of countries. Every part of the team is the ambassador of the partner country in his country.
  • The ICCs provide assistance in finding partners for interesting club projects, in other countries, developing the network of twins clubs.
  • Working together in a unique team for a common cause, the ICCs help to understand the importance of Peace; and the humanitarian projects supported by ICCs help to provide an environment for alleviating internal tensions.
  • ICCs address activities for peace and conflict resolution, which is one of the key areas of focus of the Rotary Foundation.
  • ICCs provide significant support to all programs of Rotary International.
  • Organizing an ICC is simple: identify first interested Rotarians, clubs and districts for partnering, after an agreement from the District Governors in each of the two countries provide the approval of both sections; finally the Charter celebration is the ending of the burning process. For an efficient function it is necessary good communication and a Common meeting minimum once in a year.
  • For more informations about ICCs you are welcome to visit our web site  www.rotary-icc.org .
Ovidiu COS
Chair of Inter-Country Committees Executive Council 2018-2020
International Training Leader
Rotary International Governor 2007-2008 of District 2241 (Romania)
Member of Rotary Club Alba Iulia, D-2241