ICC National Coordinators and Executive Council
The ICC National Coordinator promotes, coordinates and supervises the ICC activities in the country. The National Coordinator is being selected for a three year term by the Governors of the country.
The National Coordinators form the ICC Executive Council. The Chair of the Executive Council serves as a liason between ICC and Rotary International.
The National Coordinators send an annual report of ICC activities to the Chair and the General Secretary of the Executive Council, who in turn submit a final report on ICC activities in all countries to the General Secretary of Rotary International.
Organization of an Inter-Country Committee
In each of two countries, a National Section is being organized, with the approval of the district Governors and the ICC National Coordinator for the section in their country.
After both sections have been approved and are fully operational the charter is being celebrated in one of the two countries; the next joint annual meeting will take place in the other country.
Each National Section in autonomous and conforms to the rules in its country. It is open to all districts in the country.
Rotarians, spouse, Rotaracters, clubs and districts can partecipate in ICC activities.

Peace and the role of Inter-Country Committees
ICCs focus on long term relationship between two countries.
National Sections with local expertise in each of the countries of an ICC are working together on the definition and implementation of peace and humanitarian projects and check their long term sustainability.
Through working together on common hands-on projects, ICCs can help in creating a climate for mutual understanding and peace between countries in the same region and far beyond.
By including Rotaracters in their activities, ICC can take action to address the desire for peace of the new generations.

Inter-Country Committees organization chart

ICC Executive Council - Milan - 10 May 2014
ICC Executive Council - Evanston - 01 October 2015

Enlarged ICC Executive Council - Strasbourg - 06 May 2016​

Enlarged ICC Executive Council - Strasbourg - 06 May 2016

ICC Conference - Warsaw - 15 January 2017

ICC Executive Council - Hamburg - 31 May 2019