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Tuesday, 19 November 2013 20:02

Dear current, incoming, and past Leaders of Inter-Country Committees, fellow Rotarians,

Next Sunday from November 24 to 28 , Chen and I will be delighted to welcome Rotarians from all over the world who will join us in Jerusalem , the symbol city, an icon chosen to host the Institute and the seminar preparation of Governors Elect Training Seminar, an Institute of exception for Zones 14, 19, 20A and 20B , but open to anyone who wants to live an important opportunity to connect people, cultures and continents.

An opportunity to some extent, historical . The Rotary thus shows its vocation to be present in areas where strongest and most demanding are the expectations of the Communities, where Rotary initiative might have a strong impact on the quality of life right of those Communities.

A place, this of Jerusalem, a crossroads of global challenges , in which the presence of the Inter Country Committees and their programs is of particular significance . For this reason it has been planned not only the preparation of Governors during the GETS  (in English and German), but also the development of skills in the field of international understanding, mutual awareness and appreciation of diversities through a workshop that will take place on Tuesday 26 from 8 to 12:30 .

The presence of African countries , Middle Eastern and European , will be an extraordinary opportunity to develop initiatives in favor of international understanding , knowledge, and therefore peace.

On behalf of my Co-Conveners
Jacques di Constanzo, RI Director 2012-2014
Holger Knaack, RI Director 2013 - 2015

Organizing Committee:

PDG Avner Fuchs, Institute Chairman,                                                                               
PP Stanley Finkelstein, Institute Secretary
DG Shaul D`Angeli 2013-2014, District 2490

We all wish you an exciting time and rewarding stay during the Jerusalem Institute

Yours in Rotary,       

Gideon M. Peiper, RI Director 2012-2014, Jerusalem Institute 2013 Convener 

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Written by Gianni Jandolo   
Tuesday, 27 November 2012 00:00


Dear all,

Inter Country Committees, the 60 years old organization, today growing at a faster pace, is  the practical, unique strategy to address the quest for coexistence and international understanding. A quest that goes much beyond any border to foster peace, freedom and democracy, ICC represent a sustainable, viable long term program to employ Rotarians' skills in establishing contacts, maintaining them, stimulating Clubs to become real “outposts of peace”, key players to dare much and get there, where it is more difficult and more needed by communities.

ICC enhances the power of the ones that cross borders and beyond, share vision, dreams and hopes, often forgotten values in today's society, to create virtuous links among people and societies.

If you are visionary, skilled, passionate Rotarians curious to know and include who belongs to a different society, with a different political system, a different economy, a different religion, a different social security, a different "beat", well, it is the right time to be Rotarian, the right time to contribute as a Stakeholder in Peace to do good in the world. Come along, know more about ICC, be part of our teams, we will be glad to hear from you and welcome you on board!



Gianni Jandolo
Inter Country Committees
Chair of Executive Council 2012-14

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There will be an ICC meeting taking place during the incoming Rotary International Institute of Monaco , which will take place from November 5 to 10 , 2013 at the Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel.

This meeting presided by PDG Gianni Jandolo , Chairman of the International Executive Council of ICCs,  along with PDG Bernard Lacaze, former National Coordinator of the French ICC , will be held Friday, November 8 from 8:30 to 10.

The meeting will focus on the future of ICCs and their possible transformation to better meet the needs of the twenty-first century, the general theme of the Institute. In an always changing world in which today’s media allow virtually almost instantaneous exchanges, ICCs play an increasingly important role in reconciliation and understanding among peoples.

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