Rotary Intercountry Committees

ICC International Conference 2022

Inter-Country Committees International Conference to support for humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

This conference took place online on April 2nd, 2022. Below is the replay of the event

Create bridges, foster peace and facilitate cooperation
between different cultures and nations

In Rotary we understand that the ultimate goal of all our service is a better and more peaceful world. We do this through the values that we hold, both ethical and cultural, and through the service and peacebuilding projects that we initiate. As ‘people of action’, we inspire others through our service to communities and to humanity.

In 1950, shortly after World War II, some German and French Rotarians met in Strasbourg with a goal of building peace and understanding. Together they made a gamble to emerge from tragedy through intelligence. What resulted from their talks was Rotary’s first-ever Intercountry Committee, or ICC.

Today we have more than 400 ICC relationships all over the world. With their simple and flexible structure, they are helping Rotarians and Rotaractors expand Rotary service, carry out large-scale projects and take an active role in expanding peace.

Consistent with the Rotary International Strategic plan, ICCs provide significant support to all programs of Rotary International and of the Rotary Foundation.

ICCs encourage Rotarians and Rotaractors to visit each other’s countries and homes and to do what Rotary does best, build strong and lasting friendships.

They help increase Rotary membership development by giving value of interest for young people and help setting new Rotary and Rotaract clubs.

To complement all of the international aspects we cherish about our great organization, we must use our ICCs to put into practice Rotary’s message and to build bridges of friendship with clubs and districts from different cultures and nations. For this is how we truly celebrate our differences, overcome our individual biases, and Serve to change lives.

Cyril Noirtin
ICC Executive Council Chairman

ICC Presentation
ICC breakout Presentation
ICC's contribution to Rotary's priorities